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General Plastics Resin Unit

The General Plastics Resin Unit deals with plastic materials used in all industrial fields, such as food, medical care, civil engineering, architecture, physical distribution, agriculture and miscellaneous goods.
We conduct proposal-based business by placing importance on customer satisfaction, taking a painstaking approach to offering services, and taking full advantage of the information and sales networks we have built up over many years.

PVC resin business

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) resin is used for various kinds of products which are essential in our daily life, such as water & wastewater pipes, electric cable cover, film, sheet, materials for construction & building etc.
Window sash of PVC is highly appreciated for saving enegy more than that of Aliminium.
PVC has excellent processing suitability and recyclable, which is well suited for resource-recycling society.
Our company is growing steadily through the sales of PVC resin/Plasticizer/PVC compound, and we keep developing and expanding the new markets of PVC continuously.


Polyethylene resin business

Polyethylene (PE) resin is the most used resin worldwide and its application varies from packaging materials to industrial materials.
As an expert of polyethylene, we provide the most updated global market information to our customers.
We challenge the market continously by proposing solutions with professional knowledge of the industry. We provide different kinds of ideas on logistics, finance, and product sales strategy to our customers.


Polypropylene resin business

Polypropylene (PP) resin is used for numerous plastic products which are miscellaneous goods (container for clothes, cooler box), industrial items (pallets, carrying case/box), food container (tray, cup), toiletry & detergent (cap, container).
We propose the best sales activities for our customer by providing useful information for them which focus on following points:
・Customer satisfaction with customer-oriented services
・Consideration of end product's safety in actual use