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Advanced Materials Unit

Advanced Materials Unit sells various films related to IT and industrial materials business fields, by utilizing converters network and by proposing high-value-added processed goods.
In addition, we sell customers various materials, parts and accessories in an electronics related business fields, with the services such as material selection, procurement arrangement and delivery/inventory control and so on, by utilizing the accumulated know-how and Mitsui Bussan Group's global network, not only the inside of Japan but also Asia global, in order to offer the advanced added value to meet customers' needs.

Films business

Functional films division and Kansai advanced materials division deal with various films and processed goods used in various fields, such as optical fields, electronic components, medical treatment and so on.
We continuously propose added value to meet costomers' needs, by dealing with wide range of films including PET films as the main commodity and other engineering plastics films such as PI, PPS, PC, fluoride etc., which are made through various processes such as deposition, spattering, coating, releasing, sand blasting and adhesive attachement, and also by developping parts applicable to touch panels installed in Smartphones/Tablets and personal computers as well as decorative purposes.


Electronics materials business

Functional materials division, Electronics materials division and Kansai advanced materials division deal with various materials, parts and accessories used for the electronics products, such as heat spread sheet, exterior parts for decorating housings, printed circuit board materials, semiconductor materials, touch panel materials, secondary battery materials, LED/OLED materials etc., which cover broad domains in the value chain of smartphone/tablet, Note PC, LCD TV and so on.
We mainly conduct spec-in activities as a specialist group that can introduce Japanese excellent materials and products to Asia global and provide complex finishing solutions.


SCM business

Electronics materials division provides Supply Chain Management (SCM) services to customers, in order to minimize the bloating of customers' organization and cost, as well as enhancing customers' management efficiency, by optimizing logistics and procurement, customers' strategic constituent element, in the series of tasks from material procurement to inventory management.


EMS business

Electronics materials division provides Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) to customers, providing valuable functions in the aspect of contract manufacturing, in order for customers on the value chain of electronics hardware to concentrate their management resources into their areas of strength, such as design and develepment of products, advertisement and sales and so on.