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Functional Materials Unit

The Functional Materials Unit deals with a wide range of industrial products, such as synthetic resins, elastomers, and industrial diamonds, and vigorously promotes new business while conducting activities for the growing industry.
Customers in this growing industry include the manufacturers of automobiles, electronics, and other industrial products. MBP contributes to materials supply and product sales by taking advantage of its global sales and distribution networks.

High-performance resin business

We sell plastic materials, such as engineering plastics, super engineering plastics, and general-purpose resins, as well as other relevant products in a wide range of industrial fields, particularly the OA, electrical, electronic, automobile, and optical communications industries. Our global sales areas include Japan, China, ASEAN, Europe, and the Americas.


Synthetic resin and rubber business for automobiles

We sell general synthetic rubber and resins as well as plastic products that are used for automotive parts and in other industries. We make proposals for SCM-based distribution and help the customers start their overseas business by assessing their sales strategies and needs, and investigating the domestic and overseas markets as well as legal restrictions.


Thermoplastic elastomer business

We sell thermostatic elastomers that offer alternatives to synthetic rubber from the viewpoint of added value, including through manufacturing efficiency and recyclability. The materials we deal with include styrene, olefin, and polybutadiene, which are used in a variety of applications, such as the production of automobiles, shoes, adhesives, stationary, and miscellaneous goods. We conduct this business globally.