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Industrial Materials Unit

The Industrial Materials Unit provides a wide range of products, including a variety of environmentally friendly products and resin products, as listed below. We are providing various solutions to our customers needs to support ours daily activities.
We have been involved in various business fields, such as the environmentally friendly products,, renewable energy such as PV systems,, energy conservation products, various fuel cells, logistics solution including injection molded products such as crates pallets, and various type of films and packages, and many other plastics related products to provide the solution to our customers needs.

Industrial diamond business

Since 1957, MBP has sold superabrasive products as a Japanese general agency for Sandvik Hyperion based in the U.S. Grains and sintered compacts of industrial diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) are used as materials for cutting, grinding, polishing, and milling tools. They are applicable to a wide range of machining requirements, ranging from wood and stone to automotive parts, semiconductors, and photovoltaic cells.


Renewable energy / Solar business

Due to the drawing demand to the renewable energy we are deeply involved in photovoltaic industries and supporting to develop such solar power generation. We are providing the system including the solar panels and related products with proven reliable System Integrators to support the installation, which can lead to the most clean energy resources to our next generation.
In the meantime, hydrogen is attracting attention as a new energy source. While the use of hydrogen energy is widely spreading through to our daily life, we strive for the creation of hydrogen society by providing high-pressure gas composite cylinder, as well as the fuel cell system related products.


Housing materials

We are supplying various types of product for Housing from interior to exterior applicatrions. Currently focusing new products such relates to higher energy conservation and efficient products for reformation of the houses. We are handling various products and semi-finished goods to home builders and Housing manufacturers. We are also providing domestic manufacturers of building materials, plastic window frames, and household equipment, but also sell commodities manufactured by them, particularly interior materials for houses, building sealants, waterproofing agents, and adhesives.


Logistics materials

Improving the work environment is one of the main pillars of corporate rationalization. With know-how obtained as a result of knowing various workplaces, we help customers improve their working environment and provide the best solution relates to the reduction in distribution costs.. We not only sell containers, pallets, and folding crates, but also develop and propose environmentally friendly delivery methods and solutions that meet the customer's needs.


Plastic recycling

In this field, we deal with high-quality recycled materials, particularly PP, PE, and PET. We use a network of partner plants throughout the country to make materials by selecting and recycling a variety of plastic molded products discharged from factories. We also support the development of methods of manufacturing products from the recycled materials using various processes, such as injection molding, extrusion, sheet processing, and blow molding. We help our customers attain their goal of zero emissions and contribute to the realization of a waste-free and low-carbon society.


Food packaging

We're dealing with plastics films, sheets and various packaging materials for consumer usage in a very wide range. Not only for food, but also for needs in medical & health care, cosmetics, daily commodities, industrial, enviromental friendly application fields...
We're trying to coordinate the global value chain to optimize our partner's requirement using our network.