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Chemicals and Additives Unit

We, the Chemicals and Polymer Additives Unit, treat catalysts for the Polypropylene, Polyethylene resin and various resin additives for PVC, Polyolefin, etc. We also treat a range of inorganic, organic and fine chemical products such as surfactants and silicones as modification and functionalization agent for Polymer.
Through our global information and marketing network, we aim to contribute to the development of environmental friendly plastics and synthetic rubber industries.

Catalyst business

We are handling ZN catalysts & Co-catalysts for PP/HDPE production and other catalyst related materials which could be fit for the customers' requirements, for instance, environmental friendly ''phthalate free catalyst'' and so on.


Additive business

We are handling wide range of plastic additives, such as Stabilizers, Blowing Agents, Impact modifier, Pigment, Processing Aid, and Kaolin etc.
We provide ''Value-Added Service'' to our customers for their better solution, with serving Stock and JIT delivery, Process of sieving, grinding and mixing, Surface treatment, etc.


Functional chemicals

The main products we deal with include fats, oils, their derivatives, and surfactants.
Moreover, we use a variety of inorganic, organic, and fine chemicals as materials for manufacturing polymers and polymeric modifiers. We also take advantage of our know-how accumulated as a result of dealing with the functional chemicals in order to promote their application to cutting-edge materials, including materials for IT electronics.
  • Various kinds of resin additives and modifiers, such as emulsifiers, dispersants, antistatic agents, lubricants, metallic soaps, and stabilizers
  • Various kinds of amines, inorganic fillers, and coating materials

General-purpose chemicals and materials

We offer solutions for making daily living more comfortable, for example by providing materials for household items and cosmetics, as well as high value-added materials related to environmental measures (water treatment and VOC control). We also conduct activities to meet customer needs by importing and selling natural products featuring a high degree of safety and offering a powder processing service.
  • Domestic sale of materials for detergents and cosmetics, silicon, activated carbon, and a variety of organic and inorganic materials
  • Importation and sales of natural products (activated carbon and rosin) collected in China
  • Service for making granulated products from powder

Inorganic chemicals

We deal with various types of inorganic chemicals, main product being industrial gas, sodium sulfate, carbon disulfide, chlor-alkaline products, sulfur and sulfuric acid, and titanium dioxide etc. for domestic sales, import and export. We shall coordinate inorganic chemical related products and serve our customers.


Inorganic mineral

We are handling a wide range of inorganic fillers and mineral raw materials, such as kaolin clay, attapulgite, bentonite, borax, boracic acid, talc, and mica, together with powder processing services (various surface treatments, silicone/silane coupling treatment, grinding, size classification, pulverization, sieving, magnetic separation, etc.). We are the Japanese distributor for BASF Kaolin’s Satintone®, Translink®, Ultrex®, ASP®, Mattex®, MetaMax®, Buca®, and Attapulguite Attagel®. We actively support your new market access and business expansion by taking advantage of its global sales and distribution networks. For samples, information materials, and other inquiries, please contact us from the hyperlink below: