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Message from the President

PresidentMitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. is a trading company that is devoted to the distribution and sales of synthetic resins as a subsidiary wholly owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

Economic globalization and a sharp rise in demand from emerging countries now require significant changes in international and Japanese industrial structure.

Various industries in Japan have shifted their strategies from domestic production and export to manufacturing and exporting from competitive regional markets. Meanwhile, it should be noted that Japan has excellent capabilities for the development and processing of materials and products.

In addition, I believe that the Japanese chemical industry, with its technological capacity for new forms of energy, environmental management, water treatment, and energy conservation will play an important role in addressing various problems to be faced by the next generation.

To meet the diversifying customer needs in such an environment, Mitsui & Co. Plastics takes advantage of Mitsui's corporate strengths to conduct business in cooperation with its overseas offices throughout the world. We would like to contribute to the "creation of a future where the aspirations of the people can be fulfilled" as a trusted partner in the plastics industry by building networks of sales, information, and contacts in the Japanese and global markets to quickly respond to dynamic changes in society and markets as well as by offering services of ever higher quality.

Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer,