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CSR Activities

To be trusted by all and develop in harmony with society.

We strive to conduct our corporate activities with the trust of our stakeholders,
with due consideration for global environmental conservation and safety in our everyday lives.
Our CSR activities – including social contribution activities to develop a sustainable society – are introduced here.



More intensified measures for CSR are indispensable for sustainable corporate growth, as stakeholders of the company have been becoming more interested in corporate social responsibility every year.

We aim to bolster our corporate value by refining our functions to accelerate the growth strategy while implementing “proactive and sound business management.” We strive to fulfill our social responsibilities by building a better relationship of trust through communication with our stakeholders while ensuring thorough accountability.

PresidentKatsunori Mori

Basic CSR Policy

  • We will strive to continually improve our corporate value by engaging in conscientious activities while always being aware of the social significance of Mitsui & Co. Plastics’ presence, as well as our ties with the environment. We aim to bolster our corporate value by refining our functions to accelerate the growth strategy while implementing “proactive and sound business management.” We strive to fulfill our social responsibilities by building an even better relationship of trust through communication with our stakeholders while ensuring thorough accountability.
  • We will raise the awareness of each employee with regard to CSR and ensure internal controls to establish a solid management base for practicing CSR activities with the aim of actively contributing to society.
  • We will fulfill our accountability in terms of CSR and strive to continually improve our CSR activities.

Conduct Guidelines for CSR

Due Consideration for the Environment and Safety
  • Based on the concept of “Global Conservation and Consideration for Humanity,” we ensure that our corporate actions give due consideration to the environment and safety.
  • We constantly endeavor to reduce or recycle waste to save both resources and energy.
Fair and Transparent Corporate Ethics
  • We place the utmost importance on sound and fair corporate ethics and strive to ensure that all corporate actions are trusted by our stakeholders.
  • We put great importance on communication with society, and positively disclose information for mutual understanding.

Environmental Policy

  • 1.Environmental issues have significant potential global impact and damage and are a major concern that relate to mankind’s very survival. Conservation of the global environment in a sound condition is our ultimate social responsibility.
  • To fulfill our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, we define our proactive response to global environmental conservation as the highest priority issue in business management.
  • We shall persist in making the utmost effort to achieve sustainable development while focusing on both our corporate activities and global environmental conservation.
  • We proactively encourage our executives to enhance their awareness of the importance of environmental conservation.

Basic Policy

We conduct domestic trade, import, and export of a wide range of products typified by synthetic raw resin materials and products, and chemicals and machinery, and some of the products handled may affect the environment. We periodically examine those businesses from the perspective of global environmental conservation based on the following measures, set and review the environmental purpose and goals to prevent environmental destruction and contamination, establish an environmental management system, and implement continuous improvements.

Initiatives through Business Activities
  • Compliance with related laws and regulations
    In promoting our company’s business activities, we comply with domestic and foreign environmental laws and regulations, and agreements, etc. that we have entered into.
  • Proactive handling of raw materials and products with lower environmental loads
    We actively adopt and sell environmentally friendly raw materials and products, and products conducive to global environmental conservation.
  • Ensuring environment management at business sites
    We proactively strive to manage the environment at our workplaces, which are the main sites for our activities, and ensure saving of resources and waste separation to reduce the load on the environment as much as possible.
Acquisition of ISO-14001 certification

We obtained ISO-14001 certification in June 2005, and expanded certification across the entire company in September 2009. We fully recognize that our corporate activities may affect the global environment, and have been promoting environmental conservation measures.

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    ISO14001 Certificate (Japanese)

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    ISO14001 Certificate (English)

Environmental Measures

We have adopted ISO-14001 certification, which is a global standard, and periodically review our internal control system to keep up with the latest environmental status. We also objectively confirm, maintain, and develop the effectiveness of the management system by undergoing an annual review by a third party organization.

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    Energy-saving Measures

    We strive to use lighting in the office efficiently, and ensure lights are turned off in meeting rooms and other places whenever they are not in use. The use of air conditioners is restricted, and the temperature settings for cooling and heating are controlled. Sensors have been installed at the Head Office to automatically detect the ambient brightness, and the lighting is adjusted to meet the target illuminance level (750 lx). Sensors are also installed to determine whether anyone is present, and based on such determination, lights are controlled to save energy.

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    Reduced photocopying

    We strive to use resources efficiently every day by adopting a “double-sided printing or two-in-one printing” policy as much as possible, depending on the document type, in order to reuse or reduce use of copy paper.

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    No-overtime days

    We hold “no-overtime days” to help employees work more efficiently and to improve their work-life balance. This also leads to saving electricity, resources, and energy.

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    Waste separation

    We strive to save resources and separate waste at our offices, contributing to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible and aiding recycling activities.

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    Cool Biz

    As part of our global environmental conservation activities to cut down on electricity use in summer, we put up posters promoting “Cool Biz” in the reception area from May to October every year to encourage employees and external parties to participate in the campaign.

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    ISO training

    We conduct training sessions for new employees, training courses concerning industrial waste, and other training to bolster awareness of environmental conservation.

Sustainable Supply Chain Policy

  • Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd.’s Management Philosophy is to be a trading company with integrity by responding firmly to the needs of all stakeholders and exerting its functions to improve quality of life globally. Toward the realization of this goal, Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. will strive to gain, through business activities of the Mitsui & Co. group, an understanding of issues associated with the supply chains in which Mitsui & Co. group is involved. Furthermore, based on various perspectives of stakeholders who may be affected by these issues, Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. will value dialogue with relevant parties, while working to find solutions to these issues on a global group basis. In this way, Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. will do its utmost to achieve sustainable development.
  • Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. will require its business associates, including suppliers, to understand and implement the following principles, and will strive to create sustainable supply chains in cooperation with them:
    Respect for International Standards
    To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations of relevant countries, fair transactions in accordance with international rules and practice, and corruption prevention.
    Respect for Human Rights
    To ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations of relevant countries, fair transactions in accordance with international rules and practice, and corruption prevention.
    • Forced Labor
      Not to tolerate forced labor or any forms of modern slavery, including bonded labor or human trafficking.
    • Child Labor
      Not to tolerate child labor and to comply with the minimum working age stipulated by the law. Not to hire individuals that are under the age of 18 for roles requiring hazardous work.
    • Discrimination
      To prohibit any form of discrimination in employment.
    • Harassment and Inhumane Treatment
      Not to tolerate any form of harassment, irrespective of whether it is physical or mental harassment.
    • Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
      To respect the rights of employees to associate freely and bargain collectively in our labor-management relations.
    • Working Hours and Wages
      To properly manage employees’ working hours, holidays, leaves of absence, and wages in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    • Occupational Health and Safety
      To secure the health and safety of employees in the work environment.
    • Community impact
      To conduct human rights impact assessments, covering issues such as prevention of pollution and water stress, for prevention of adverse impacts on the safety and health of local communities. To implement necessary measures in line with international standards to avoid risks and mitigate negative impacts.
    Reduction of Environmental Burden
    To reduce the burden on the environment through the efficient utilization of resources, energy, and water, as well as the thorough reduction, reuse, and recycling of waste, including harmful substances, and its proper disposal. To give the utmost consideration to the environment to the extent technologically and economically feasible by exercising an appropriate degree of influence and evaluating the impact on the environment, not only in the prevention of pollution, but also on such issues as climate change and the conservation of biological diversity.
    Safety and Security of Products and Services
    To ensure safety and security of products and services.
    Information Disclosure
    To properly disclose information related to the above principles in a timely manner.
  • Where it is identified that in violation of this policy, Mitsui & Co. group’s business activities have caused adverse human rights impact or contributed to it through its business transactions including its supply chains, Mitsui & Co. Plastics Ltd. will work to remediate such impacts through appropriate processes.

Social contribution activities

We believe that contributing to the sustainable development of society is every company’s social responsibility.

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    Eco-cap campaign

    Currently, about 25 billion PET bottles are manufactured per year, but the collection rate is 62%, and the recycling rate is 37%. This reality is far from full recycling. We remove and collect the caps from PET bottles and recycle them to reduce CO2 emissions, and use the profits from the sale of those recycled caps in support of programs to vaccinate children in developing countries. We had have donated over 170,022 caps as of October 2015.

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    Donations to support guide dog training

    It costs more than 4.5 million yen to train a guide dog. We support guide dog training by the Japan Guide Dog Association by installing donation boxes companywide.

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    Donation of used stamps to assist medical activities in Asia

    We collect the stamps on mail received from suppliers and other business partners and donate them to a public benefit cooperative for overseas medical cooperation services, which supports overseas medical activities, mainly in Asia.