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Global Activities

To meet the ever-diversifying needs of our customers, we aim to expand our business not only within Asia, but also to Europe, the U.S., and South America, together with over 100 overseas offices spread around the world, by utilizing the comprehensive strengths of Mitsui & Co.. We have dispatched our employees to various countries and regions, including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, and Mexico, and we provide fine-tuned services to meet the needs of our local customers and resolve issues faced by them.
Our affiliate in Thailand processes high-performance materials, which are an area where Japanese companies have particular strengths, and provides our customers with added value that matches market needs.


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    Solution proposals

    Our product line-up for the global market includes some very special and niche additives. One such product is an anti-blocking agent produced by a Japanese manufacturer that is used for LLDPE films. We not only sell the agent itself but also blend the agent with other additives based on our customers’ requests and propose and sell “special master batches”, “compounds”, and other such products to which functionality, such as deodorization and flame resistance, is added. Mitsui & Co.’s offices in Europe are preparing to establish a new organization specialized in development and sales of customized products by combining such compounding know-how with new demand ideas. By leveraging the Mitsui & Co. group’s network and accumulated knowledge, we strive to resolve customer issues around the world as a solutions provider.

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    Environmentally friendly raw resin materials and products

    Momentum for a circular economy is growing globally, and more rigorous measures concerning global environmental issues are required than ever before. Under such circumstances, we handle various materials and products that could lead to the reduction of CO2 emissions and plastic waste, including “biodegradable,” “biomass,” and “recyclable” products. We also promote collaboration with biodegradable plastic processor “MINIMA” in Taiwan, in which we have invested, as well as Mitsui & Co.’s overseas offices. We are strengthening our initiatives concerning environmental issues by providing solutions in accordance with the needs of our clients in Japan and overseas, mainly global brand owners. Regarding recycled resin, we are also strengthening our ties with major suppliers, and are not only selling products and engaging in marketing activities but also providing technical support to resolve issues faced by our customers.

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    Resins, elastomers, additives, etc.

    We develop business in many regions around the world with customers in many different industries, including sales of resins and additives for use in automobiles, OA equipment, and adhesive agents. By leveraging the information and know-how that can only be acquired as a member of the Mitsui & Co. group, which handles wide-ranging business through over 100 offices worldwide, we strive to meet various needs of our customers, including support for exports, imports, and off-shore trading, handling of local inventory, and overseas business expansion. Recently, we have been handling not only products from domestic manufacturers with advanced technologies in Japan but also those of leading overseas manufacturers, expanding our proposal line-up.

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    High-performance materials

    In the field of electronics, as typified by the touchscreen market that has recently experienced continual rapid growth, we have created a processing network for materials, and have expanded our business centered on Asia. We have developed bases for inventory, light processing, and sales of materials in Thailand, and are identifying market needs in Asia at these bases in an appropriate and timely manner, and selling materials that meet such needs to customers in Asia, mainly China, via our processing network. We aim to become even more of an insider in Asian markets centered on China and provide continuous support for our customers’ local production.

We also provide products and support suited to each customer’s needs other than the above products.
Please feel free to contact us if you plan to launch or expand business overseas.

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